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Santana Display

If you happen to be in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel, look for a display of Carlos Santana memorabilia located just to the left of the entrance to where the elevators to the rooms are, and across from the Rolling Stones display.

The idea behind the display is "Then and Now," featuring items from 1969 & 1970's and from 1994-1995.

On display are two outfits, a Snake Skin Duster coat, with matching pants, vest & boots (all circa: 1970's) & a silk-screened duster coat, with pants & T-shirt, by Michael Rios (cira: 1995). Also in the display is a Snake Skin Mesa Boogie Amp and original Woodstock (1969 & 1994) items, videos, posters, and the handpainted PRS guitar by Michael Rios. The Display is about 4 feet deep and 10 feet long.

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