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New “Hot Seat” tickets for the 2005 “Embrace Your Light” Tour are now available for select shows!

We are proud to announce a new Hot Seat package. The Hot Seat package includes a premium ticket - in the first 20 rows, exclusive merchandise, collectible laminate, reserved parking (if available) & a private entrance (if available). The Hot Seat package is only available for select shows on the US Tour. Download the Santana Hot Seat Order Form.pdf here & the Hot Seat Price List to see what Hot Seat shows are available, how much each package costs & the shows on sale date. Keep checking back for more “Hot Seat” shows to be announced soon!

HOT SEATS are available for select shows on the US Tour! Hot Seats are not available for all shows. Hot Seats for the June / July Tour are sold out. Packages for Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary are available now. The rest of the North American, September / October Tour will be available shortly.

Hot Seat Instructions:

Please download the PDF file.

Fill the form out completely in black ink.

Fax the form back to the number listed on the PDF form.

Please do not email the PDF back to us, as it needs to be signed and faxed to verify your signature.


NOTE: Your request form can be faxed at any time. Your request will be processed and confirmed 2-4 weeks before the show. If you have any questions or concerns please refer to the Customer Service number or email address on the form.


Attention Fan Club Members: The Hot Seat Ticket is different from Fan Club Tickets. You do not need to be a member of the Fan Club to purchase Hot Seat Tickets. The tickets reserved for the Hot Seat package will not affect the Fan Club ticket allotment.

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